Recycling at school


Teach Primary


Everything here is designed to help you really bring recycling to life for your pupils - from our engaging assembly presentation broadcast (almost) live from space, to our tried and tested lesson plans and pupil activities.


These resources accompany the Captain Busta story and resources, designed for primary school children.


All of the following resources can be downloaded, for free, from the WRAP Resource Library.

Teach Secondary: Regeneration

By using an environmental topic your students can relate to, our easy to use resources can help you to deliver key concepts of the Citizenship Curriculum for KS3.


Challenge students' preconceived ideas and attitudes to recycling with our inspiring lesson plans and assembly presentation.


Then our extended project, which can count towards your school's Eco-Schools work, allows students to use what they have learned to make real change in your community.


Choose your own approach using our materials

The materials support a flexible approach to the topic. The suggested lessons are built around one or more core activities. Each lesson uses video, student activities (which you can also project), and in some cases an online activity.


Lesson plans let you know which resources you will need, any other preparation required, and provide a suggested approach for delivering the activities. Each lesson plan can easily be adapted to suit your students, and the time you have available.


recycling at school